FBTAA LVCR Application

Freemansburg Bethlehem Township Athletic Association has made an application to LVCR

Updated Wednesday August 30, 2017 by Brian Pysher.

FBTAA has made an application to join LVCR and it was discussed at our August meeting.  The application was well received by all organizations and many different topics were discussed.  The most significant issue discussed was the territory that will be granted to FBTAA if the application is approved by all voting organizations.  The structure of our bylaws and how new organizations are required to apply was also discussed.  In order to call for a vote on FBTAA's entrance into the league, our bylaws must be ammended.  Since we are currently working on bylaw ammendments, we decided to have a bylaw committee meeting on 8/31/2017, 7:30 pm at Bushkill Township Municipal Building, to discuss the additional ammendments.  We have also scheduled a special meeting for 9/14/2017, 7:00 pm at the Scorecard in Wind Gap, to read the proposed ammendments.  We will read the proposed amendments a second time at our 9/21/2017, 7:00 pm meeing at Bushkill Township Municipal Building, and then vote to adopt them.  Once the ammendments are officially adopted, we will be able to vote on accepting FBTAA's application into our League.  This a major decision that will impact our league for possibly decades to come so I encourage everyone to attend the meetings and partake in the discussions.  Hope to see everyone there.  

Brian Pysher

LVCR President